2017 Mazda RX-7 Release Date & Price

2017 Mazda RX-7 Release Date & Price – The rotary engine will keep coming back. The Mazda wants to bring back the renowned coupe RX-7. The company guarantees in 2017 introducing a new era of the legendary supercar RX-7.

2017 Mazda RX 7 2017 Mazda RX 7 Release Date & Price

2017 Mazda RX-7

2017 Mazda RX-7 Facelift

50 years for a great car no age. Possibly it is considered that managers and Mazda chose to grace their followers with a come back to the collection RWD coupe with a rotary engine. This information was right away curious drivers, who are previously itching their heads more than how the engine will be outfitted with this car. It is interesting that in 2017 it will be exactly fifty percent a century because of the look of the Mazda producer very first rotary engine construction. By the way, Mazda is the only car manufacturer in the world which produces rotary engines.

“Sportscar of the new technology (it is not excluded which it will stay to be known as RX7) will stay rear drive and will consider under 1,300 kgs,” – mentioned in a dialogue with The Motor Document the cook of Mazda sports cars Yamamoto Nobuhiro.

2017 Mazda RX 7 Interior 2017 Mazda RX 7 Release Date & Price

2017 Mazda RX-7 Interior

2017 Mazda RX-7 Engine Specs

In add-on, Mr. Yamamoto released that the new era coupe RX-7 will be powered by an aspirated 16X rotary engine capacity of 1.6 liters and power 300 HP. Therefore, as assured in the company, the power device will abide by environmental requirements Euro-6. It was attained by a new high-tech driver.

Creators claim that this motor in volume in 1.6 liters will give 300 HP Much more, it is previously recognized that the arriving era RX-7 will turn out to be easier the aged model, lengthy given that discontinued manufacturing. More than likely, the car body will be created of carbon dietary fiber.

2017 Mazda RX 7 Concept 2017 Mazda RX 7 Release Date & Price

2017 Mazda RX-7 Concept

2017 Mazda RX-7 Review

It is not crystal clear regardless of whether the engine is enhanced by turbocharging, however, if these kinds of choice are used, then, as stressed out by Nobuhiro Yamamoto, it will be a system with one turbocharger, not two sequential turbochargers. It is also probable that the rotary engine will also show up in the following-gen Mazda MX-5 Roadster.

To speak about the release date of the model is nevertheless really early on. You can imagine that model will be demonstrated at the end of 2017 and after that start getting requests.