2017 Dacia Duster Prestige dCi 110 EDC Review

2017 Dacia Duster Prestige dCi 110 EDC Review – A no-nonsense mountain goat of a car that you can toss virtually anything at all at, and it will get on with it with little fuss. It’s received plenty of personalities and real rugged attractiveness, but for the first time, you can now get it with an automatic gearbox – as long as you want the two-wheel drive diesel.

2017 Dacia Duster Prestige dCi 110 EDC 2017 Dacia Duster Prestige dCi 110 EDC Review

2017 Dacia Duster Prestige dCi 110 EDC

More and more people would like them – such as current Duster owners. In reality, we hear it’s the quantity one thing clients ask for, so Dacia has required by raiding the Renault elements container for this six-speed EDC dual-clutch transmission. Makes sense to us; listening to what your overall consumers would change regarding your cars and provide them with what they desire is the route to devotion and replicate obtain, we reckon. That’s why there are no added Dacia Duster engines or models in the 2017 model year – the current range is merely honed, when they build up that loyal consumer base.

It will cost more to engineer the gearbox to work with the all-wheel-drive system, we’re advised. The majority of Duster purchasers go for the 2wd diesel anyhow – so they are merely offering new decision to those going for the most popular model. At £1000 more than the comparable manual, the Duster auto balances for a great chunk of the car’s total £15k value – especially when you take into account it is only available in top-spec Laureate and Prestige models. If you want a bargain-basement Duster, you’ll adhere with the entrance-degree engine and gearbox mixture and change gears oneself.

It feels appropriately suited to the Duster. It’s not fancy, and it’s not the most receptive dual-clutch set up-up we’ve examined – especially when you must choose up the pace (which is exactly where the diesel makes itself heard) – but consider a relaxed approach, and it is all right. Visit a flex and the Duster’s body rolls thanks to its soft revocation, but you’ll be thankful for that if you encounter a series of protrusions and undulations: it rides very well. The squishy seats allow it to be much more comfortable, immersing up the worst road acne Britain’s bubbliest black-top can provide up. It is just an embarrassment the Duster’s directing is lacking in any feel.


2017 Dacia Duster Prestige dCi 110 EDC Interior 2017 Dacia Duster Prestige dCi 110 EDC Review

2017 Dacia Duster Prestige dCi 110 EDC Interior


It’s a likable point, the newly settled for 2017 Dacia Duster. It’s received aged-college ruggedness and a sincere strategy to the at any time-well-liked SUV/crossover class, and it is refreshing to drive something with no airs and graces. An automatic supplying widens its interest the quickly-increasing quantity of Dacia enthusiasts, produced all the more amazing that it’s just as economical, roomy and inexpensive when in contrast with its peers – plus it arguably has much more enduring allure than any of them.